Pat Houston Opens Up About Bobbi Kristina’s Passing

In an interview with Entertainment Tonight, Bobbi Kristina’s aunt, Pat Houston broke her public silence to speak about the events that led up to the untimely passing of her 22-year-old niece. It’s only been three months since her death, and the pain is still high, but Houston discussed with host Kevin Frazier about it all.

She reveals the family was about to step in to intervene with BK’s drug abuse and send her to a rehab facility in Georgia. "When we really found out that Krissy was in trouble, we were really making plans to do something about it, but it came too late," she revealed.

Back in 2014, Pat filed a restraining order against Nick Gordon, BK’s boyfriend, after he made public threats, posting pictures of guns on his Twitter page aimed at the Houston family. Houston claims BK was too in love to understand the restraining order.

"I really tried to show her [that] I'm going to do this to let you know that you don't have to be afraid of anything. I got you.'…External attraction can really cause problems," she said regarding the romantic relationship between Bobbi Kristina and Nick.

The loss coming so soon, just three years after the passing of BK’s mother, Whitney Houston, is still hard on the family. When asked what she would say to BK if she were still alive, Pat said her message would be one of self-love. "You have to love yourself. You have to call on people and not allow someone to divide you and then conquer you," she told Frazier.

Watch Pat Houston's sit down with ET below.