Toronto Artist 11:11’s Self-Titled EP May Be Just What You Need For Your Breakup

11:11 is a Toronto-based R&B singer with a refresh approach to R&B. The singer’s self-titled debut EP, consisting of seven tracks transitioning from light to dark, shows off his versatility. With no interludes or skits, 11 delivers a pure body of work, allowing the music itself to do all the talking.

"When this project was being made I was going through a hard time in my love life…most of the songs on this EP reflect what was going on at that time", explains the singer. If you pay attention, you can see just how inconstant 11's love life was during the making of this EP.

In "I'm Good", he speaks from a completely different perspective in explaining life when you finally hit your breaking point with that special somebody. "Most of us go through break-ups. Whether things end good or bad, it will always hurt. Even though it hurts, you're not going to live in that forever…regardless of it ending…you'll be good without them".

On the other hand, "BYO" (which samples Mariah Carey's "Shake It Off") is a bittersweet groove that has 11 declaring "F*ck them other guys that'll be up in your life." It gets serious on "My Bish" and "Gin & Henny" when 11 vents his emotions over heavy trap tracks.

The project is co-executive produced by Matthew Burnett (Eminem “Not Afraid”, Drake “Poundcake”) and Mike DZL (Kid Ink “Iz U Down”, “No Option”).

Stream the project below. You won't be disspointed.