[Exclusive] Tiffany Evans Talks New EP ‘All Me’, Motherhood, Marriage, Fetty Wap, and More

Singer, songwriter, and actress, Tiffany Evans is all grown up now!

The 23-year-old vocalist began her career over a decade when she was a contestant on the television show "Star Search" hosted by television personality Arsenio Hall. Evans struck the world with her angelic and soulful voice at a young age. After the show, she signed her first recording contract with Columbia Records at the age of 10. At the time, she was label-mates with Bow Wow, Jagged Edge, and many more. She collaborated with Bow Wow and Grammy award-winning artist Ciara on the songs, "I'm Grown," and "Promise Ring."

Outside of singing, she was featured on an episode of "Law and Order: Special Victims Unit," Tarzan II, and last but not least, Tyler Perry's Diary of a Mad Black Woman in 2005. After Evans' departure with Columbia Records in 2011, she was ready to take more control of her career and just live life.

However, Evans is back and hotter than ever! She is working on her new EP All Me via her own label Live Love Entertainment. She is ready to show the world her growth as an artist and person.

Evans took time out of her busy schedule to speak with Singersroom about the EP, marriage, motherhood, her departure with Columbia Records and much more.

Check out our exclusive interview!

EP All Me vs 143 mixtape The mixtape is different from the EP because I've grown up so much. The only similarity from the 143 mixtape and the EP is that I was pregnant with both of my daughters. On All Me, I was pregnant with Addy, and I would have to say the EP it's more organized and it just more of me on this record. On the mixtape, I was just writing and recording, and I didn't have a particular direction where I wanted to go musically. The 143 mixtape was not mixed or mastered; I mean no technical affairs were involved to give it it's quality sound. And my fans still loved it because you can't deny talent. On the All Me, I am speaking about what's on my mind, and it showcases who I am as a woman.
Working with rapper Fetty Wap on the single, "On Sight"- I was watching Fetty Wap's instagram video of "Trap Queen" and my best friend Brittany said it would be dope if you can work with Fetty. And I started thinking the same thing but I was like "let's just see what happens." The single, "On Sight," was dope; it has a 90's sound and it's just good. The beat is fun and funky but I was like something is still missing. I was like I need a rapper on this record and I didn't know my friend knew Fetty Wap. I got in touch with his team and he put his verse on the track . He wanted to put his verse because Fetty loved the record when he first heard it. Fetty is so cool to work with. He's chilled and laid back.
Favorite Song on the EP- Umm, that's a hard question because I love all of the songs. I would have to say, "T.M.I," because it gives people a chance to get a taste of the EP. The concept for the song is dope and fresh. It's talking about making love and being in love without being too graphic. It's not too explicit and it doesn't give away too much. It just feels good and has a thugged out feeling when you hear the record.
Fans Expectations for All Me My fans will know and understand why I was so passionate about the EP. Fans will expect a great body of music for them to listen to once it's released. And I won't stop until my music is heard. I just appreciate my fans for rocking with me thus far and it will continue. I just have to keep going and don't look back.
New York Upbringing Influencing Her Musical Sound – I will definitely always be a New York native, it has definitely influenced my musical sound because NYC is swagged out. More than likely any New York person will have flavor because it just comes from within. New Yorkers captivate people with our forwardness and we are not afraid to speak our mind. New York City gave me the swagger I needed to put in my music and it has affected my personality. As an artist, I just have a beast mode and I am just ready to work on the next big thing.
The Departure from Columbia Records and working with Bow Wow and Ciara Again – I asked for a release from the record label because it was time. I was growing as an artist and the label wasn't looking at me as someone who was transitioning into adulthood. It was a mutual agreement but the time has passed. I was ready to move on with my life. It was a peaceful release but I felt like it was time for me to be more in control of my music. But while I was on the label, I was thankful that I worked with Bow Wow and Ciara. I made some great music with them, I would love to work with them again if possible. If it does happen, great, if it doesn't, great. I believe we are on two different paths so we see what the future holds. But I am very proud of Ciara; she's still rocking in the business and she is a mom now. So if we ever decided to work together again, we can relate to the duties of being a mom and a singer at the same time.
Acting – I would love to be featured in a movie or television show. That's in the works because I love acting. I love the fact that you have the opportunity to portray someone else other than yourself. I've been looking a few scrips but it's important to find a role that sits well with me as a person. And as far as Tyler Perry, if he tells me about the role that he thinks would be good for me, I will take it hands down because he's a great person to work with.
Marriage and Motherhood – Marriage and motherhood has been a blessing for me but it is not easy. Motherhood has matured me because it's not about me anymore. I have two daughters who need my support, time, attention, and love. My daughters makes me want to work harder and achieve my goals musically. Motherhood is a job in itself but it's my greatest joy. I wear motherhood as a badge of honor because I am a stronger and wiser woman because of my daughters.
When you marry someone that you truly love, it's a blessing but it's important for you and your spouse to work on your marriage. It's important for you to keep it together because you're not going to have sunny days all of the time. As a husband and wife, you need to weather those storms together. I've been married for four years and it's still a learning process but I will say I enjoy being married. People have to realize marriage is a commitment, for better or for worse so you have to put in the work. You can do it and you will get through it together.
Eyewear line Eyehunee I just love fashion. My great grandmother taught me how to sew and just be creative in that area. I decided to launch Eyehunee for the urban community because I wanted to come up with affordable fashion for everyone. In order for it to be fly or presentable, it doesn't have to be inexpensive. I love glasses and Eyehunee is a dope line because it gives people an extra glow to their fly demeanor. The line is perfect for the rapper, singer, or just anybody because it caters to all demographics. We also have other accessories, gloves, crowns, hats, and laces. But we're striving to expand and we would like to have cosmetics and other accessories in the near future.
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Her EP All Me drops on Oct 30th. The EP includes the singles, "On Sight feat Fetty Wap & "T.M.I."