Mariah Carey Teams Up With MAC Cosmetics For New Lipstick

Mariah Carey is directing and co-starring an upcoming Hallmark Christmas movie and prepping a string of NYC holiday concerts, but she the songstress is also adding her influence to the makeup world.

In conjunction with MAC Cosmetics, the multi-faceted songstress has developed a limited-edition lipstick called “All I Want” which will arrive in time for the gift-giving season on December 3rd.

The color is described as a “shimmery nude” compatible for many skin hues that're a nod to looks of the 80s and 90s. "Mariah is the over-the-top pop and beauty icon," said MAC Creative Director James Gager. "Throughout the years we've all watched her with admiration and feel right now she is at her ultimate best. She exudes elegance, glamour, sophistication, and a sense of fun. Her 'All I Want' lipstick is the perfect frosty holiday shade, and her Beauty Icon Collection will be everything you think of when you think MAC and Mariah."

In an interview with Popsugar, Mimi explained the lip color, her plans to expand her makeup line with MAC in the future, and the things she does to enhance her beauty back in the day and now.

About the lip color, Mariah says the nude color is to try something else other than the bold red lip associated with the holidays. “Well, I wanted something different for the holidays. It’s not a red lip; it’s actually a champagne shimmer with a frosted texture. I wanted to go away from the typical red lip that everybody usually does for Christmas. It’s really beautiful. 'All I Want' is such an evergreen song for me, and it’s a natural name for the lipstick.” She continued, “I’ve always loved the frosty lip for Winter because I think it blends in with the tone of the season. Even growing up, [the shade is] something that I would gravitate towards. I don’t look good in a red lip, and I wanted to be able to wear the color. I know a lot of people who don’t care for red lipstick, either. We ended up going with this really beautiful champagne shimmer.”

About her always flawless skin, Mariah says it’s all about cleanliness and sunblock. “Every day I have to be really careful because my skin is super sensitive. I have to keep it clean as much as possible. Makeup artists need to have really clean brushes. I try my best to stay out of the sun and wear sunblock as much as possible.”

The “All I Want” lip color will be available online only at starting on December 3rd.

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