Solange Dated Who Back In The Day?

Throwback Thursdays can sometimes be quite the blast from the past.

Yesterday, Solange partook in the hashtag trend by posting a picture circa 2001 where she revealed she had a famous old flame. And just who would that be??


Yup, before Beyonce’s little sis married her newest hubby Alan Ferguson and before she wed footballer Daniel Smith and had her son Julez at age 17, Solo dated the lead singer of B2K back in the day. (If you remember, she also played his love interest in his 2006 "Icebox” video).

The teenage couple can be seen crouching towards the bottom of the photo while Destiny’s Child stand in the middle of the group of what looks to be a birthday party. She reveals in the caption that their relationship didn’t go public because B2K fans wouldn’t be too happy:


“Am I trolling, or nah? #tbt to when me and @1omarion were lil teenage boos , but used to have hide it because I was scared demo b2k fans would try to cut me, lol. Also, @angiebeyince and @beyonce had a hell of a couple Afros.”

Ha! Who knew? But remember, there were rumors that Beyoncé dated O’s older brother, Marques Houston, so it makes sense!