Patti LaBelle Kicks Stripping Fan Off Stage, Calls Him A B*tch (Video)

The legendary singer Patti LaBelle is a class act, so don’t some at her sideways. One unfortunate fan learned the hard way…

On Friday (Sept. 18) at her show at the Hard Rock Casino in Vancouver, the legend Labelle invited fans up on stage to dance as she sang "Lady Marmalade." However, one rowdy fan got a bit too rambunctious and started stripping. As he unbuttoned his shirt, Patti stopped the music and called him out: "Don't you dare, not on my stage. I am 71-years-young I am not Nicki Minaj or that little, uh, Miley."

The fan then buttoned up his shirt, then bent his behind towards Patti, to which she ran and bumped the fan saying, "Get off of my goddern stage, b*tch, and stay off!" Her security then swooped in.

A bit later, she apologized for her use of language "I'm so sorry," she said "I'm a Gemini and things come out of my mouth sometimes that I try to control."

Earlier that week, while at a New York Fashion Week Show, LaBelle is quoted as saying today’s pop stars “need to put some clothes on.” She said, “I would tell them to cover up and stop showing your breasts and butts — you do not need to be naked to sell records. But I don’t know if they would listen to an older woman.”

One thing you’re NOT going to do is get ratchet at one of Patti LaBelle’s shows! Watch the hilarious video of the incident below.

Photo: Earl Gibson III/Getty Images North America