Adrienne Bailon Calls Of 7-Month Engagement

It was revealed in February that singer/actress/host Adrienne Bailon and longtime boyfriend, Roc Nation exec Lenny Santiago were engaged after five years of dating. Now unfortunately after seven months, Adrienne revealed she’s called off her engagement.

On “The Real” this week, Bailon took some time to explain (a little) about the split.

“Through the summer, I went on my little Eat Pray Love journey, and it was a time for me to come to terms with my own truth and my honesty and I am not engaged anymore, and we’re in a good place.” She continued, “It’s not an ‘aw’ thing, I promise you. We’re going to be great friends forever, and I think it was a hard decision to make when you’re with somebody for such a long time. I think as women, we have a hard time with change. It was hard for me. But you have to be true to yourself. You have to be honest with yourself. And I think having time on my own gave me that opportunity. I’m so grateful to have girls who love and support me, and we’re going to be OK.”

The decision came when both realized marriage wasn’t the best. She tells Us Weekly, “Six years is a long time to be together, but we had to make the decision to go with our hearts and not be embarrassed or afraid of change. “He absolutely helped make me a better person, and I will forever cherish the time we shared together.”

Adrienne as expressed hesitation in the past about being a second wife to Santiago, who already has children from a previous marriage.

Breakups are always hard. Good to see she has a positive outlook on the situation!