JoJo Reacts To Her Thirteen-Year-Old Self In “Leave (Get Out)” Video

JoJo’s 2004 No. 1 hit “Leave (Get Out)” put her on the musical map back in 2004 when she was just a fresh-faced 13-year old.

Now at age 24 and on the cusp of releasing her third album, JoJo sat down with MTV News for a walk down memory lane. On an iPad, MTV showed her the video for “Leave,” and her reaction to her younger self is priceless.

Like anyone who sees a video of themselves when they were younger, JoJo picks apart her voice, even dished on the fact she wore cutlets in her shirt to appear more grown up.

About the album JoJo told us in a recent interview: “The concept is I just wanted to be honest, I want it to cover a wide range of things that I think about and have gone through as a 24 year old…I wanna discuss some things that I discuss with my girlfriends when we’re chilling at each other’s apartments or out drinking wine, eating each other’s food (laughs).”

Watch the cute clip below: