EXCLUSIVE: Teedra Moses Talks ‘Good Vibe’ New Album, Appreciation For Anthony Hamilton, Rick Ross, More

Smart, down-to-earth, beautiful, and talented are just a few words that describe R&B artist Teedra Moses. Her body of work represents real music, true emotions, and enriching experiences.

Teedra's long-awaited sophomore album, Cognac & Conversation, arrive earlier this month (August 2015) via released via Shanachie Entertainment. The project is her first commercial offering in over 10 years and follows her 2004 debut, Complex Simplicity. Not missing a beat, Moses showcases her ability to win people's hearts with her stirring and sultry voice.

Moses also collaborated with many mainstream artists including the Queen of Hip-Hop Soul, Mary J. Blige, Outkast, Macy Gray, Raheem Devaughn, Raphael Saadiq, Christina Milian, just to name a few. Also, singing is her in bloodline; her mother is the legendary gospel artist Shirley Moses, so she was destined to be a singer. Moses was awarded the BMI Songwriter of the Year for her excellent songwriting skills.

With the Cognac and Conversation album, Moses describes the album as, "music that's meant to be light-hearted at times while deep in other moments."

Singersroom conversed with the beautiful vocalist about her new album, working with Rick Ross, Anthony Hamilton, and more. Check out our interview with Teedra.

New Album, Cognac & Conversation: The sound for this album is a more sensual vibe. It is also still inspirational. The album has a good vibe; it sets up a positive mood. It's not sexual; it's more on a sensual side. I am happy that my new label, Shanachie Entertainment, gave me the creative freedom I needed for this project. 10 years ago, my first label went bankrupt, which was a setback for my career. So, I started releasing mixtapes and EPs, which was great as well. From releasing those previous projects, I know how to put together a great project, and I was doing that as an independent artist. I'm just thankful that I did this record on my new label because they believed in my vision, and they were not trying to change my artistic style. I am on a new journey, and I am just excited. I have to say this album is very comforting and relaxing.

Teedra Moses Interview on Singersroom

Working with Rick Ross on the songs, "Cognac & Conversation," and "All I Ever Wanted": Working with Rick was awesome, and it was a natural thing. We always respected each other as artists. His verses on the records just blended well with the songs, and we were just vibin'. Rick is so easy to work with, and he loves music just as much as I do. We were able to have fun on those records and create something good at the end of the day. It's a blessing to work with him because he believes in my work.

The single, "All I Ever Wanted": I decided to write the song, "All I Ever Wanted," because nowadays people are consumed with the exterior and not fully recognizing the simple things. Money can not buy you love or joy. You can be filthy rich and have the most valuable things that most people dream about, but it doesn't really mean anything if you're not together. Don't get me wrong, I like clothes and nice things, but it's not all about that for me. And so with this record, I was coming from that place. A guy can buy his girl the finest things but does it really mean anything if he doesn't treat her right? I can make my own money so what's the point of you being here if your mindset is only about money. I think our society as a whole praise money a great deal and devalues love.

Musical Relationship with Anthony Hamilton: I am so grateful and appreciative that I was able to work with Anthony Hamilton. He really respects my talent and the single, "That One," put me on a different platform. Two great artists were able to work together on something that is so big. We wanted to do a record together for awhile, and it finally happened. The video to the song is so epic. Shooting the video for "That One," was so much fun and cool. Anthony and I's chemistry is so automatic because it's natural and not superficial. It's a dope record, and the song's message is powerful.

Being Inspired By The Queen of Hip-Hop Soul & More: The artists that I've worked with in the past and present have all been great. We're teaching each other, but out of all of the artists I've worked with, I would have to say Mary J. Blige really inspired me. I always loved Mary's vocal style because it's raw, real, and edgy. Her sound go well with any musical genre. The Cognac and Conversation album has a 90's vibe to it, and it's hip-hop soul based. On all of Mary's records, she fully expressed herself and so does Erykah Badu and Sade. 25-30-year-olds grew up listening to artists from the 90's, so they know the kind of music these artists have delivered, which is why people I listen to these records today.

Upcoming Projects: I am just focusing on the new album and continuing to promote it. I would like to go on tour in different cities, start small and then perform in larger cities. I believe touring will help me build my fan base more. Fans would like to see an artist that is raw, real, and organic because they will be able to see your point of view on stage. It's my job as an artist to make sure the audience will have an engaging experience. I am also planning an R&B tour with Anthony Hamilton because he is an extremely talented artist.