Jody Watley Clears Up Shalamar Name Rights

Shalamar is back with a smooth new single called “Slowdance,” but apparently, there’s some drama brewing behind the scenes.

The group is now comprised of original member Jody Watley and newbies Rosero McCoy and Nate Allen Smith. But the trio went through various group members through the years, including Jeffrey Daniel, Gary Mumford, Howard Hewitt, and even with another female lead, Carolyn Griffey.

According to Watley, a few undisclosed former Shalamar members have been performing using the Shalamar name. In a statement, she claims she has the only legal rights to the group name.

She writes:

“I [Jody Watley] became the legal and registered trademark owner of Shalamar in May of 2014 after a thorough and lengthy examining process by the United States Patent Trademark Office.

The acquisition was prompted in part to gain control by the ongoing use and misuse of my likeness and the continued commerce generated from the foundation I helped to build decades ago.

There are former members currently trying to confuse the public giving the impression there are two groups when, in fact, there is only one legal, new and official Shalamar of which I am at the helm.

These brazen attempts seeking to undermine my rights are being handled by my attorneys regarding this matter.

Becoming owner allows me to revive the name for a new audience, to not get stuck in the safety net of nostalgia because I’m not interested in doing what I’ve already done. There is new merchandise for fans to purchase, with plans for new music and other exciting projects in the pipeline.

We have already begun building a social media presence beginning with a verified page on Facebook/ShalamarOfficial.

Joining me for the newly reloaded Shalamar are singer/dancer/choreographers Rosero McCoy and breakout young Ohio talent Nate Allen Smith.

Our dynamic stage show to which we’ve already been playing to sold-out audiences in the United States and Japan, with other scheduled concerts in the UK and Brazil breathes new life into classics “A Night To Remember,” “Take That To The Bank,” and “The Second Time Around” in a set that includes signature Jody Watley solo hits like “Friends,” “Looking For a New Love,” and “Don’t You Want Me,” as well as music from “Paradise.”

Both the Temptations and En Vogue battled the dreaded group split and name battle, so it seems to be just good legal keeping. Thoughts, roomies?