Marc Bassy Talks Overcoming Heartbreak, New EP, Songwriting, Chris Brown, Sean Kingston, More

R&B/Pop singer, Marc E. Bassy is one of California's fresh new voices. However, he has already made his mark in the industry. Bassy started off performing with his former band and writing songs for artists including Chris Brown and Sean Kingston. After the group disbanded, Bassy released his EP, East Hollywood, which was used as a positive outlet to let people know that he takes pride in his work as an artist. For Bassy, the EP was semi-autobiographical because it was based on his personal experiences.

Bassy says the music on his EP is his best work. The musical genres on the project are blues, R&B, hip-hop, and new age funk. He also released two singles, "Some Things Will Never Change," and "Drunk and I Am Drunk."

The talented artist spoke with Singersroom about songwriting, making music, his new EP and why music is still his greatest inspiration.

New EP, East Hollywood: Last year while I was working on the EP, it was an important transition in my life. I was dealing with two breakups in my life: one with my band and my ex-girlfriend. I ended my relationship with my band after touring and making music together. It was hard because the relationship was coming to the end. It was a serious relationship for me because we were so close. It was like all of sudden everything was gone after working together for five years. After the group and I broke up, I was writing songs for my EP, East Hollywood, at my homegirl's house in East Hollywood. I stayed out there for months, and I was able to tell my story. On the EP, I was writing about everything that I was going through at that time.

Now, the situation with my ex-girlfriend was not the worse thing because it gave me a chance to think about who I am as a person. Don't get me wrong, it was tough, but during that time, I was able to grow and learn more about myself. These experiences has allowed me to be more artistic and creative as a singer.

Favorite Song from the EP: I like all of the songs on the EP, but I would have to say "On Top" and "Drunk and I Drunk." I worked with Nic Nac and Bobby Brackins, and it was great working with him. Bobby has worked with Zendaya and Jeremih. These artists brought their artistic vision and energy on this record, and everything worked out for the best.

Songwriting: When I have to write a song, I like to walk so I can clear my head. When I am able to clear my head, ideas start rolling through my head, and I am free. All of the anxiety and stress is removed because I am able to concentrate on writing a song. The walk is very therapeutic, and this helps write other songs for other artists. I co-wrote Sean Kingston's song, "Beat It," with Chris Brown and Wiz Khalifa, and we made the song in my house. Nic Nac also produced the song, and it turned out to be a great song. I was able to do it my way.

Establishing Yourself as an Artist: It is your responsibility to recognize your gift and talent as an artist. You have to recognize that first. Then, you start paying attention and appreciate the doors that are opening for you once you start making a name for yourself. For me, people started seeing me in the studio writing and recording songs and saw my drive to make it as an artist. If you want to work in this industry, you have to understand that it takes time. You have to make music that is relevant, real, and meaningful.

I am a grown man, but I have a youthful spirit. There are certain life lessons and values that must be instilled in you from within. It's important that you stay true to yourself. I am just a normal person that loves music, poetry, and writing. My goal as an artist is to make nutritious music because what you put in is what you put out. The energy you bring musically affects you and the people around you. Therefore, you have to choose wisely what you take in as a singer.

Listen to Marc Bassy's East Hollywood EP below: