Drama Heats Up Between K. Michelle and Azealia Banks Following Tour Cancelation

Seems like there is some bad blood between K. Michelle and Azealia banks following the cancellation of their joint tour.

As previously reported, the "Love 'Em All" singer cancelled the trek, citing being overwhelmed by her current schedule, which includes "filming numerous television shows, readying my businesses and working on my new album."

Michelle also claimed, "there is absolutely no drama between me and Azealia," insisting the two have "a mutual respect for each other as women and artists."

She also added, "I can't wait to get in the studio with her and for you all to hear what she's been working on," but during one of her Twitter rants, Azealia says Michelle "hasn't heard any of it."

Azelia also says she has no plans to record with K. Michelle, declaring, "I don't deal well with having my time wasted. I will not be appearing."

K. Michelle, who is trying to take the high road, took to Twitter recently, and after some hassle with Azealia's fans, she wrote, "Poor Lizard needed them coins."

Shortly after Azealia fired back with an arsenal of attacks:

Lol! Not with that big ol nasty dumpy fake butt looking like you shitted in a pamper bitch ! Ha !!!

Keep crying on cue and getting them ass shots out the hotel room Lol!!!!!!!! …. And u wonder why u don't have a man.

You saught me out. I never had any interest in working with you or meeting you honey child.


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