Stacy Barthe – Here I Am

“Said I wouldn’t do it again, here I am,” and that goes for any addiction or situation you know you shouldn’t be in but have unfortunately fallen for once again. In the case of Grammy-nominated singer/songwriter Stacy Barthe, it’s her personal struggles with alcoholism.

The black-and-white, Ryan J. Francis-directed video features Stacy singing in an acoustic setting juxtaposed with shots of her being tempted by the bottle.

On BEcoming, Barthe unapologetically expresses her vulnerabilities and insecurities. “I’m still dealing [with] not being completely OK with myself. So I’m talking about it on a human condition,” Barthe told the LA Times about the album. “The reality is, people are hurting, and I’m the voice of the broken, which is every single human being on the planet.”

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