Jill Scott Performs ‘Fool’s Gold’ on The View (Video)

Yesterday (July 21), Jill Scott stopped by The View to perform her single “Fools’ Gold” and to chat with co-hosts Whoopie Goldberg and Rosie Perez.

Jilly from Philly had the audience swaying away to her groove about relationship’s regret. After the performance, Jill explained what came first in all of her versatile talents. “The writing came first. I love to sing, but if I didn’t have something to say, I didn’t want to sing. So I waited, and as a poet it started working out…That’s when I started writing songs, then that came into theater…but theater, as you know, is hard, with eight shows a week, and I got a record deal in the middle of that, and I thought I’ll do that instead.”

Jill’s fifth studio album Woman is slated to hit stores this Friday, July, 24th. She’s currently on a summer tour with recently with sold out shows around the country.

Watch Jill bring "Fool's Gold" to The View below: