Three Armed Gunmen Break Into Chris Brown’s Home

Chris Brown has been staying clear of trouble, but trouble still finds the way to his front door (literally this time).

According to CNN, three armed gunmen broke into his Southern California home, and while there, they locked his aunt in a closet. The Grammy winner wasn't on the premises at the time of the incident.

Police were called to the home in Tarzana, a neighborhood of Los Angeles, around 2 a.m. (5 a.m. ET) Wednesday. According to Brown's aunt, she opened the door after hearing a commotion outside, which gave the leeway for the three armed males to enter. They then locked her in a closet. The intruders eventually fled in an unknown vehicle toward an unknown direction, according to the LAPD.

Police did not immediately say what, if anything, was taken from Brown's house, whether his aunt had been harmed, or whether others had been in the house with her.

According to TMZ, the three men targeted the house because they new Chris Brown was the owner.

The is not the first time Brown had a problem with an intruder. Back in May (2015), a crazy fan broke into his home and made herself quite welcome. According to Brown, the "crazy individual" cooked, wrote "I love you" on his walls, trashed his daughters clothes, and more.

It's time for better security Breezy!

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