The Antics of Tyrese Continues: Singer Promotes Album Using Homeless Woman (Video)

Out of order.

First, Tyrese humorously tried to solicit new fans on the NY subway, loudly asking them to buy his new independent album, Black Rose. Turns out, the “press day” didn’t end there.

At another point in the day, the singer sat next to a sleeping homeless woman and compared her to people “sleeping” on R&B. “So we got a bunch of people sleeping on R&B. My Black Rose album just came out tonight and they say that fans don’t buy full albums no more. This is what R&B looks like. * Hello?!” he turns and says to the sleeping woman.

Oh, Tyrese, what are we gonna do with you?!?!

In the caption along with the IG video, Tyrese wrote “Is R&B dead.?? What happened to REAL R&B Fans?? Can we SAVE R&B Soul Music? Are the days of REAL singers over?? Link in my bio let’s make a statement buy the FULL ALBUM now…”

Not only did he use a vulnerable person’s image without her permission, but the image of a wealthy man overtly using the downtrodden for financial gain leaves a bad taste in the mouths of many (even though it happens in corporations every day, plus it’s unknown if he offered financial compensation to the woman…highly doubtful).

So what do you think? Was this stunt clever and humorous, or did Tyrese cross the line?