Ciara Gets Mixed Reviews For Her Rendition of The National Anthem at the MLB All-Star Game (Video)

R&B Princess Ciara made a big stage rendition by performing the National Anthem at the MLB All-Star game on Tuesday (July 14th). Usually, those who sing the National Anthem are under huge pressure to 1) sound good, and 2) get the words correct. If not, a slew of patriotic Americans will slander the performer as having committed a severe disservice to the nation.

Ciara isn’t known for having the strongest vocals in live performances (her dancing usually takes center stage), but CiCi bravely took on the Star Spangled Banner for the MLB All-Star Game in Cincinnati, Ohio. I think she started off shaky (nerves, maybe?), but she finished strong.

Reviews of the performance were mixed; some people liked it, others didn’t. One fan wrote, “Ciara should've left the national anthem alone,” and another added, “Ciara and her background singers must have only practiced in the dugout before that awful performance of the National Anthem. #AllStarGame.”

Not all the reviews were bad, however. "Umm @ciara singing the national anthem was great I'm highly impressed by her new and improved vocal range three thumbs up here,” a fan wrote. And Pittsburgh Pirates pitcher Mark Melancon tweeted, “I'd say @ciara hit the National Anthem out of the park! #ASG,” along with a photo of he and Ciara.

Ciara’s boyfriend Russell Wilson tweeted his excitement about his boo: “I can't wait to watch my girl @Ciara perform the National Anthem at the @MLB All-Star Game tomorrow night!”

In case you missed it, check the performance below. What do you think?