Brandy Takes on NYC Subway for Impromtu Performance (Video)

First, Tyrese solicited passengers on a NYC subway car to buy his new album, Black Rose, now Brandy takes her talents to the underground transit, too, only this is for fun.

The R&B singer (who recently extended her run in Broadway’s "Chicago" as Roxie Hart) and her personal trainer decided to be spontaneous and hop onto the common man’s mode of transportation for some fun. Brandy told the New York Post, "I did this maybe a couple of weeks ago. I’d been riding the subway after I worked out with my trainer — I loved getting the whole New York culture, I loved the normalcy of it. So I took my camera guy, who’s also a friend of mine, and said, ‘Let’s just do something adventurous! Something fun! Let me sing on the train and see what happens!” And that’s the reaction I got — no reaction!”

Being New York City, we're sure people see all kinds of crazy things, so a random woman singing on the subway didn’t grab the attention Brandy had hoped from other passengers.

“And it was so funny — to sing on the train and no one reacts, no one cares. It was a moment!,” she said. “I think I’ll stick to the stage and do it there — because clearly, the people on the train didn’t care. The guy that did respond said, 'We’ve seen this before. This is New York. You have to do something different!' And I said, 'Sir, I’m giving it my all,' and he’s, 'No, you have to be more over-the-top.'"

B-Rocka sounds good (as always), but New Yorkers hear people singing on the streets all the time, plus she was dressed down. If you were one the subway, would you even know who she was?

Peep Brandy’s random subway performance below: