Tyrese Promotes His New Album ‘Black Rose’ on the Subways of NYC (Video)

Yesterday (July 10), Tyrese’s (final) album Black Rose was released and so was a day of press in NYC. While there, the singer/actor and his crew hopped on the subway, and like any indie artist (or brotha with a mixtape), Tyrese began soliciting passengers to but his new album. Gotta self-promote!

The silly clip shows Ty as he gets everyone’s attention. “My name is Tyrese. I’m a singer. I left all of the major record labels so that I could do my thing as an independent artist,” he said, introducing himself. “I got my security in case anybody decides to hit me in the neck. And I’m asking that y’all download my new album, Black Rose,” he continued.

To the amusement of other passengers, Tyrese gets hyped up and the energy is contagious to another passenger who share a bonding moment: “Black Rose! I’m independent! I’m grassroots! I’m in these streets! I’m a street performer! I’m ’bout dat, son!” loudly stats before breaking out into a P. Diddy-esque jig.

He captioned with the clip, “I said fuck it… And went independent I’m in Brooklyn NY on the train selling my #BlackRose album and this happened!!Download the FULL #BlackRose ALBUM!! http://smarturl.it/TyreseBlackRoseWatch the #ShameVideo http://vimeo.com/130847755. #BestBuy #Targethttp://images.intellitxt.com/ast/adTypes/icon1.png #WalMart and all the #IndependentRetailers #BlackRose has been unleashed!!!!!!!!!!”

Black Rose is headed by the Jennifer Hudson-assisted single “Shame.” Purchase above!