Chris Brown Is “Not Into Hoes Anymore”

"These hoes ain't loyal!"

Looks like Chris Brown will be living by the words that made him millions. Recently, Nessa of New York's Hot 97 called out his character via Twitter about knowing all the hoes, but Brown quickly backed down, insisting, "I'm just not into hoes anymore."

"Whenever I need to hoe check, I call my bruh @chrisbrown and ask "You know this bih?" Lol he's a legend with the hoes! #hoeriffic," wrote Nessa.

Brown commented on the post: "I've had a lot of experience in that department sis. I'm just not into hoes anymore. I respect the game. Barely any good ones left. U got it worse because ni**as more thirsty th[a]n females. Lol. #toughworld."

Let's see if Mr. Brown can find himself another wholesome woman!

BTW…Men are hoes too!


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