Sir the Baptist – Raise Hell ft. Jack Red & Mys Michelle

Chicago’s Sir the Baptist wants us to “Raise Hell”! The clip takes place in a church after a funeral, assumed to be the service of a victim of social injustice.

“This is not simply a standard music video, but an educational and artistic demonstration from the prospective of rioters who are seemingly invested in causes that are often ignored by local political powers. In this demonstration we are using vivid, and sometimes arresting images from riots across the globe, and our own footage, to drive the core message,” states the caption with the video.

Raised by a pastor in Chicago’s historic Bronzeville neighborhood, Sir was born a “church boy” and evolved into a spiritually-attuned rebel. His music is rooted in modern R&B/hip-hop, forming what he calls “urban hymns” that combine the secular with the sacred, producing an innovative sound.

"Raise Hell" is the lead single from Sir’s debut full-length album, Preacher’s Kid, out on August 14th via The Church Records.

Sir is currently prepping a US tour.