NEW RELEASES From Trey Songz, Lyfe Jennings, Elijah Blake, Leon Bridges and Justine Skye

Trey Songz – TRIGGA Reloaded (BUY)

Trey Songz follows up his sixth studio album, Trigga, with his seventh opus, Trigga: Reloaded. The set is preceded by the RIAA gold certified single, "Slow Motion," and the rising "About You." Trey previously told Singersroom, "With Trigga Reloaded, I wanted to give records like 'Slow Motion' and other records that I had no place for a home. I didn't feel they belong on Tremaine, and I wanted more people to hear Trigga."

Check out the latest offering from the project entitled "Loving You," featuring Ty Dolla $ign.

Lyfe Jennings – Tree of Lyfe (BUY)

Lyfe Jennings drops his sixth studio album, Tree of Lyfe, headed by the singles "Pretty Is," "Gold," "I Love You," and the newbie "#Hashtag." He says the project is his most personal LP to date, and he recorded most of the songs in his home studio. "Everybody feels like they have to reinvent themselves," he told BET earlier this year. "I don't think you can reinvent the truth. It is what it is. I'm not focused on reinvention. I want to go deeper. This album reaffirms the reasons why people started loving this music in the first place."

Elijah Blake – Shadows & Diamonds (BUY)

The wait is finally over! Sean "Elijah Blake" Fenton is an established songwriter and the pen behind Rihanna's "No Love Allowed," Usher's "Climax," Trey Songz's "Jupiter Love," and co-pen on many of Keyshia Coles' albums. For the past two years or so, Blake put the focus on his own solo career, and now fans can hear his complete body of work.

About the album, Blake told us in a recent interview that it was a long time coming, and a testament to staying true to himself: "Feeling at times ashamed that I’m not hood enough, I’m not ignorant enough, that I’m not perpetuating this ignorant stereotype they put on black guys, like if you don’t talk about shooting people or slapping b*tches, then something is wrong with you. So that was the “shadows” part because I was really in a dark place and upset about it,” he explained. “Then finally, the ‘diamonds’ part was in my darkest time and choosing not to give up, seeing that little glimmer of hope, which is the diamond, and saying nah, I’m not gonna be ashamed because my mother worked two jobs to put me in a good school so that I can hold a conversation with a businessman and not seem dumb or wet behind the ears. I owned it."

Leon Bridges – Coming Home (BUY)

Smooth singer R&B artist Leon Bridges follows up several singles, including "Coming Home," "River," "Better Man," and "Smooth Sailin," with his debut album, Coming Home. "There’s a couple of ballads in there and some rock’n’roll tunes. Everything is very subtle – it’s just like how they did it back in the day," the Fort Worth, TX native told NME about the project.

Justine Skye – Emotionally Unavailable (BUY)

Atlantic recording artist Justine Skye releases her much-anticipated new EP, Emotionally Unavailable. The set is highlighted by tracks like "Anticipation (Feat. Kranium)," "I'm Yours (Feat. Vic Mensa)," and the new smash hit "Bandit."

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