Fantasia Laughs at Haters Over Failed Marriage Reports: “No One Broke a Single Vow”

Contrary to split reports in the past, Fantasia Barrino and Kendall Taylor are doing just fine. The former American Idol winner and R&B veteran made her stand of solidarity by penning an open letter, insisting, "No one lied. No one cheated. No one broke a single vow."

Read Fantasia's emotional note:

"Life is So Funny… Do they even know why we are still laughing? Does it even matter? Yet we are Called to continue loving those that hate us. Pushing us Spiritually beyond our own limitations. This song in our hearts remains high above gossip of those who couldn't walk a mile in our shoes. No one lied. No one cheated. No one broke a single vow. What we learned was to keep those who aren't for us out of our marriage. As our love grows stronger, our circle grows smaller. So we continue to sing and laugh at those who tried to come between what God alone brought together. Yes we Sing! Even though my Husband is a little out of tune! Lol" #TaylorMade

Reports of a split launched back in April 2015 around the time Fantasia was mourning over the death of her grandmother, Addie Collins. Many speculated that the marriage was over after the singer-songwriter posted a photo of rings off with the caption: "It is Done…. The Kids and I Will Always Love You. I got to stay strong for Granny.. He was the best man I knew. Kendall, you are loved." The posted was later deleted.

A marital bond takes hard work in this day and age because there are so many distractions. We're glad Fantasia and her love are finding ways to make their union work.

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