The Comeback Continues: Janet Jackson Launches Rhythm Nation Records!

Ms. Jackson ain’t playin!

On her 49th birthday this year (May 16), Janet Jackson shocked the world when she announced an upcoming new album and world tour via #ConversationsInACafe. And now we know just HOW she plans on doing this: via her own record label, Rhythm Nation Records!

According to a press release, Janet’s Rhythm Nation Record label will be a part of BMG (Bertelsmann Music Group) and launch in fall 2015, making her arguably the first female African-American recording artist to form her own record label. Jackson’s as-yet-untitled forthcoming album is slated to be released on the label, along with the addition of new and established recording artists.

The press release states that Rhythm Nation records will allow artists to have more control (no-pun intended). “The partnership with BMG makes Janet Jackson the biggest worldwide superstar yet to quit the traditional record label system for a so-called artist services deal, designed to put artists in the driving seat," the document states. "Under an artist services deal, the artist retains ownership of their recordings and full oversight of all costs and revenues.”

BMG CEO Hartwig Masuch added, “Janet is not just a supreme artist, she is a unique cultural force whose work resonates around the world. It is an honor that she has chosen BMG to release her long-awaited new album. We look forward to collaborating with her across every platform.”

Expect a new single to arrive within the next month.

Janet's new label may have many-an-artist breaking contracts to jump over to her label! Congrats, Janet!