Janelle Monae Responds to Tyrese’s IG Love Letter

Last week, Tyrese put his “grown man on” and publicly declared his admiration for Janelle Monae on IG for Woman Crush Wednesday (#WCW).

In a nutshell, Tyrese wrote, “I’m a sucker for a naturally beautiful, God fearing woman who’s smart and authentic who’s strong and self-sufficient – most guys out here will run fast and be intimidated with the idea of all the things I just mentioned about you… What I can help you with, what insight of information can I give to help further your goal and life’s intentions – is there anything I can do or say to support you and just help you get ahead – I often wonder – sweet dreams.”

The world waited: would Janelle reply? And if she does, what would she say? Well, Janelle finally responded three days later on May 17th with a short, sweet reply:

“Always positive and endearing to see a man show admiration for an Electric Lady. I am Honored. Thank you @Tyrese,” she wrote.

It wasn’t exactly a curve, rather an acknowledgement of appreciation for the kind words, the ultimate friend-zoning maneuver.

Oh well, nice try, Tyrese!