Mariah Carey Performs ‘Vision of Love’, ‘Infinity’ at 2015 Billboard Awards (Video)

Following a difficult week suffering from bronchitis and having to cancel show #4 of her Vegas residency, Mariah Carey pushed on with a performance at the 2015 Billboard Music Awards (May 17). She performed a medley of the past and present, opening her set with her early hit "Vision of Love" followed by her recent single, "Infinity."

Wearing a silver, knee-barring-dress, Carey executed the songs with less-than-smooth live vocals mixed with intermittent sing-along and lip-syncing of the recording. Compared to recent live vocal flubs, this wasn't too bad!

Carey is currently promoting her new greatest hits compilation #1 to Infinity. Watch Carey’s Billboard Awards performance in 17 years below:

Ethan Miller / Getty Images