Jamie Foxx Clears Up National Anthem Controversy: ‘I Didn’t Think I’d Just Committed A Sin Against America’

Jaimie Foxx wants people to chill, and know that he can still sing!

After performing a rendition of The Star Spangled Banner that left people scratching their heads at the Mayweather-Pacquiao fight on Saturday night (May 2), Foxx cleared up the debacle with Entertainment Tonight.

In an interview with ET’s Nancy O’Dell, Foxx explained that his mic pack fell right before his performance, cutting off the signal for his in-ear monitors and he couldn’t hear the music clearly. "So I have to try to listen to the organ through the speakers of the stadium,” he explained.

He said those in the arena thought his performance was good, but when he looked back at the video footage, he said he can understand how viewers at home would think the performance was cringe worthy. "When I listened, I said, 'OK, we're off,'" Foxx said. But, he continued, "I didn't think I'd just committed a sin against America."

In other Jamie news, he's is currently promoting his singles “You Changed Me” and “Baby’s In Love” from his upcoming album, Hollywood, due out on May 18th. He’s also poised to play Mike Tyson in a forthcoming biopic.