Van Hunt to Release ‘The Fun Rises, The Fun Sets’ on May 4th; Watch Released Videos

After a four year hiatus, R&B/soul veteran Van Hunt will release his fourth studio album, The Fun Rises, The Fun Sets. Slated for release on May 4th, the follow-up to 2011's 'What Were You Hoping For?' is led by the singles "Vega (stripes on)" and "Old Hat."

Hunt spoke with Gawker recently about what inspired the new LP.

Outside the practical purposes of being a working artist? I’m constantly in search of that initial feeling I had listening to “Flashlight” when I was 9. Or listening to “Controversy” by Prince when I was 10. That feeling was fantastic. Nothing has ever felt that way. And, I think, if I’m ever guilty of those few times when I have read what someone says about my music it’s that I’m looking to see if I have that effect on someone else. I think it’s so wonderful. And that would be the part two, in the answer to your question, ‘Why does this album exist?’ because I want to give someone else that feeling. And I say that humbly, because I was moved by Prince and George Clinton, and I’m not putting myself on their level. But if there was ever a chance that my music could give someone that feeling, I would be really satisfied, and gratified with that achievement.

Get an early digital copy of 'The Fun Rises, The Fun Sets' by pre-ordering at: Pre-ordering also unlocks exclusive access to limited edition autographed content, free track downloads, & behind-the-scenes videos.

Preview visuals for the LP's singles below:

Old Hat

Vega (stripes on)

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