Janine And The Mixtape – When Im Broken, Plus ‘XXEP’ Tracklist

Last week, New Zealand singer-songwriter Janine And The Mixtape released a moody visual for “Lose My Mind,” and it turns out that plus this one When I’m Broken,” will both grace her EP XXEP on May 12.

Like the video for “Lose My Mind,” Janine is still sulking on When I’m Broken,” and broken she is as she soaks in the bathtub to soak her stresses and cares away.

She calls out a lover who gets pleasure from seeing her down, “What does that say about ya?” she asks.

Check out the tracklist for XXEP below:

1. We Could Be Better

2.When I’m Broken

3. You Deserve It

4.Old Beside You

5. Lose My Mind

6. This Moment (Eckhart Tolle)