Alexandra Burke – Renegade

Alexandra Burke is a "Renegade," and she is showcasing her new mindset on her new EP of the same name. In the newly released visual for the set's title track, the UK singer-songwriter displays a variety of looks, from sexy to vulnerable, as she sets the record straight about where she's at mentally.

"I'm all alone in this war, but I'm at peace with my flaws / I don't abide my your laws, a rebel with a cause," she sings.

Burke released her Renegade EP today (April 27) as a free download.

About the project, she told NME that in was inspired by Slash and Whitney. "Slash was a massive inspiration. Of course there was Whitney, Coldplay… I just wanted to mix sounds together, and make sure people still heard my voice without the production overpowering my voice," she said.

she adds: "Vision wise, in terms of the look, I put a lot of images together. I put a lot of Naomi Campbell in my mood board, Ciara, Rihanna, and then went to my stylist and said that I wanted to mix all of those looks together, and fit it into who I am. That's where the new images came from."

Burke is also working on her next studio album, her first since 2012's 'Heartbreak On Hold'.

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