Mary J. Blige Says New Artists Can Learn From Rihanna

The fight to be unique in today's music business is easier said than done, especially when there is a record label calling the shots. Veteran R&B artist Mary J. Blige knows a thing or two about being your own individual, but she also understands that it's a battle.

"I think, and it's not the artist, but they have to fight for what they want and their identities and stuff like that. The fact [is] that everyone at these labels wants to do what everyone [else] is doing. You have to look like her; you have to be like her; you have to sing like her, and no one can express themselves," Blige told Elle.

The Queen of Hip Hop Soul, who is promoting her latest studio album, The London Sessions, says superstar Rihanna is the perfect example of an artist who fights for individuality.

"I look at Rihanna and I am so proud of her," she says. "She speaks loudly! You have to stand up and clap. She expresses herself through fashion. She actually can sing. And her songs mean something, even to me, you know?"

Mary Also shared her favorites from Rihanna: ""Diamonds," "Umbrella," "Take a Bow." First of all, let me just put this into perspective: Rihanna has made so many amazing records; every number one record she's ever had—the Loud album was exceptional, the first album was amazing. She can just do no wrong to me."

For those that don't have music mogul Jay Z in their corner, the fight may be tougher, but the win will be so much sweeter.

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