RECAP: Jazmine Sullivan Reveals Her Truth and Reality at Irving Plaza

R&B songstress Jazmine Sullivan was unsure if she would return to music four years ago when she announced her semi-retirement. On Saturday, April 18th, fans were elated that the talented singer-songwriter returned to the stage at Irving Plaza in New York City.

Prior to Jazmine Sullivan's performance, Jordan Bratton, the opening act for the evening, gave an incredible showing. He was so vibrant and full of energy, and his delivery and vocals blew people away. Based on his performance, you would think Bratton had been around for years.

For the first fifteen minutes, Sullivan wowed the crowd before she even started singing her records. On January 13, 2015, the 28-year-old released her third studio album, Reality Show, which addresses some of the things she was going through during her semi-retirement. Sullivan explained to her fans why it was so essential to take a break from the music business so she can omit the unnecessary things and people in her life. She was removing the weeds out of her garden so she can continue to flourish as an artist.

Before going into songs from her new album, Sullivan took fans on a musical journey back when she first started in 2008. She performed "Lions, Tigers, and Bears," "Famous," "10 Seconds," "Dream Big," "Bust Your Windows," and "Holding You Down ( Goin' In Circles." With each record Sullivan sang, the connection between her and her fans became stronger and deeper. She sang with so much attitude and confidence, and the response was mind-blowing.

After the flashback, Sullivan began singing album cuts from 'Reality Show,' another powerful record in the making. It was the first time many of her New York fans had the chance to witness some of her truthful new records live. She sang "Let it Burn," "Forever Don't Last," "Dumb" and her motivational record, "Masterpiece (Mona Lisa)." Sullivan wasn't preaching to the crowd; she was more of a down to earth homegirl who was willing to share what she learned from her own personal experiences.

Sullivan ended her segment with "Need You Bad," sans music veteran Missy Elliott. The song is still a popular hit, featuring musical elements of R&B, reggae, and soul.

Jazmine Sullivan was gone for a minute but now she is back and will continue to make music for her loyal fans. She is ready to claim her prize once again, but this time she is not letting anything or anyone stand in her way.