No Snorting Here! Rihanna Responds to Coke Rumor: “That’s a Joint That I’m Basing”

A Vine video showing Rihanna partying with her friends had some people up in arms! We know Rihanna likes to puff a joint now and then, but questions swirled if she had formed a more destructive drug habit.

In the Vine video, RiRi can be seen sitting at a table in the background while her friends dance to reggae music. She seems to be preoccupied with something on the table, and then she pinches her nose like she’s about to snort coke, then the video ends. The clip spawned rumors the “Stay” singer has formed a habit with the hard stuff.

IG user 1ezmoney posted the clip with the caption, “Rihanna snorting coke now smh #shedanextwhitney.”

Twitter user Fucci Tucci added, “as I said @rihanna was rolling a blunt.” He then posted a screen shot of Rihanna response to 1ezmoney, the original poster of the Vine video. She wrote, “Nigga your lame ass got some f*cking nerve!!! Any fool can see that’s a joint that I’m basing with cigarette! Who tF snorts tobacco??!! FOH witcho “never been to a rodeo so someone squeezing their nose means they’re doing coke” lookin a**!"

Thanks to the current nature of social media, Rihanna addressed it quick to keep her reputation in check!