[EXCLUSIVE] Kenny Lattimore on Ex-Wife Chanté Moore Doing Reality TV: ‘I Thought It was Irresponsible’

Singer and “R&B Divas LA” cast member Chanté Moore has had a lot to say about her ex-husband Kenny Lattimore regarding their child custody battle on the show. Moore claimed she was appalled that Kenny publically filed for full custody of their son, and since it was public, she should tell her side of the story.

In an interview with Lady Charmaine in 2013, Moore said, “Once he made that public, yeah, I made sure I told my son what was going on and it was happening in the middle of the show and you know, it was a choice, and I made it. But I didn’t want my son to be hurt by it. So if it’s public, I’ll tell my part…I should have said a lot more.”

Kenny stayed silent on the matter, until now. As it turns out, he wasn’t amused about Moore talking about their family business to the whole world. In our recent interview with the crooner, he calls Moore “irresponsible” for talking about the matter on the show. He said, “I thought it was reckless and irresponsible because my son, nor I, was a part of that cast. And there’s nothing wrong with doing reality TV, but if you look at the formula for reality TV, what makes it dynamic is the interaction of its cast members. So I thought it was irresponsible, and I think it was a mistake. It hurt our son, it hurt other people, and it was unnecessary.”

In Chanté's interview with Lady Charmaine, the singer says an agreement has been reached regarding the custody of their son.

Do you think Chanté was wrong for talking about the matter on the show?