Outside of touring, Grammy-winning R&B singer Chris Brown has maintained a somewhat low profile since news broke that he's a father of a baby girl. It looks like Mr. Brown is really taking the time to grow as a man and a father while maintaining an unapologetic mindset about his past.

"Every step I take will only be to greatness. Learning myself everyday and striving to make a difference. Thriving not surviving," Brown activated via Instagram. "I can't make anyone love me or like me but for the people who do, you are highly appreciated and valued. I wanna grow into a great man and take care of my family. In order for me to change the world I have to change my mentality."

We're glad to see Breezy finding greener pastures mentally. Sometimes it takes a tragic incident or the responsibility of another human being to encourage change, and we are happy it's the latter for the talented singer and dancer.