Tink Visits The Breakfast Club, Talks Timbaland, ‘Think Tink’ Album, ‘Ratchet Commandments,’ More

Timbaland stopped by The Breakfast Club last fall to talk about his protégé, Chicago artist Tink. Now it’s Tink’s turn to visit Charlamagne, Envy and Angela Yee with her BC debut this morning (April 6).

Among many things, she talks working with Timbaland, what makes her different from other Chicago artists, and addresses criticism regarding her single “Ratchet Commandments.”

"When I made song it was more so let's be aware of what's going on. Nobody's talking about this. Let's put it out there that this is what's going on. Somebody has to say it,” she said. “For the most part, we have so much of the 'shake yo ass' songs or 'watch me twerk' type of music. So why not? Why am I being criticized for being the one out of a million songs that goes against what everybody's talking about.”

Get to know Tink below: