Lyfe Jennings – Gold

Lyfe Jennings has been performing "Gold" since the beginning of his career, but he never actually finished the song. Well, he now has a final version of the soulful ballad, and he accompanies its release with a touching music video. In the clip, the R&B veteran strums an acoustic guitar as visuals of his past paints the screen.

"The concept of the video is me talking to my younger self," Lyfe told Centric. "There are consequences in everything you do. The gold, or the beauty in that is the lesson you get from it. The things you say, the things you do, you can’t take it back. All you can do is be better."

Lyfe also explained why he finally decided to finish the record.

“Gold is a song for my true Lyfe fans,” he adds. “I used to perform it when I first started, but I never finished it. I wanted to do this for those folks that supported me from day one and finish the song to say Thank You."

Lyfe is prepping his sixth studio album for Summer 2015; the set is lead by the first single, "Pretty Is."

"The inspiration behind it was like every other album; life and the things people don’t want to talk about or get the opportunity to talk about," Lyfe told Vibe about the new project.

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