T-Pain Says Aaliyah’s Posthumus Album Will Arrive “Pretty Soon”; Talks Contribution

Before the steam cooled off from the making of Aaliyah's upcoming posthumous X album, hit-maker T-Pain was one of the producer's tapped to remake one of her unreleased songs.

"So what happened was they were doing Aaliyah X album, and they came to me for a feature on the album," T-Pain told event-goers at his recent The Iron Way mixtape release party in New York. "They had a bunch of sessions and unused tracks from her. So instead of being a d*ck and charging the sh-t out of them, I was like, ‘Yo, just give me one of the sessions.’ And they were like, 'Cool. We ain’t gotta pay, right?’ It was just like a swap. I did a song for her album, and they gave me one for mine."

T-Pain's freebie is a song he drafted titled, "Girlfriend," which was supposed to appear on his new mixtape, but the record was pulled last minute, and now we know why.

"The reason we held it back on the mixtape is actually because we got a call from her team, and they wanted to put it on her album," Pain told Vulture. "So that song’s gonna be on her album, Aaliyah X, which is basically like her final album. It’s full of collaborations and unheard vocals."

He adds that the highly-anticipated project may arrive soon: "They had like a ten-year wait, so pretty soon, actually. I can’t give any details from it, because it’s like a secret project — except for, you know, that it’s happening. But details on it have been held back."

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