The Tables Have Turned! Icon Prince Sued For Allegedly Stealing Artist’s Service

Prince is usually the one suing others over his likeliness, but this time he finds himself in the defendant's chair over allegations that he stole the services of an artist.

A producer is suing the music icon over claims that he went behind her back and recorded a free 11-song album with 2013’s “The Voice” contestant Judith Hill.

Ditto Jolene Cherry, the producer who helped discover Lady Gaga, states that she discovered Hill, and after her popularity from the voice, she signed her to an exclusive contract.

Apparently, Hill went behind Cherry’s back and recorded an entire album with the Purple Man and released it to the public on Monday.

Cherry hired attorney Larry Stein, and is going after Prince for regular and punitive damages his alleged sneaky behavior.

Hill’s attorney, Peter Haviland, notes, “Judith is an independent artist, not bound by contract to anyone.” Haviland says in a statement to Gossip Cop that Cherry’s “lawsuit is crazy,” adding, “Prince has done absolutely nothing wrong. Judith Hill was and is absolutely free to perform her music as she has done… It is a shame that Prince has been dragged into this insanity, but Judith Hill will not be deterred from performing her music by the likes of some Jolene Cherry.”

This may be a hard case for Cherry, especially since artists release free, promotional music all the time. Since this was not a commercial release, we’re thinking Prince has a great argument!

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