Top 5 R&B Artists That Helped Transformed Jay Z Into a Super Rapper

Shawn 'Jay Z' Carter, one of hip-hop’s biggest moguls, has truly made a name for himself as a rapper, entrepreneur, and music producer. He released 15 studio albums, won 19 Grammy awards, was the co-founder of Roc- A-Fella records, and founder of Roc Nation. According to, Hov’s net worth is $520 million dollars. The former street hustler from Brooklyn is also known for his collaborations with several artists, spanning across multiple genres. However, when Jay Z collaborated with R&B artists, his career elevated because he garnered more female fans, while demonstrating his diversity as an artist. Jay Z’s delivery can range from high to low and he knows how to entertain with his beguiling hooks and verses.

After going through a talented list of candidates, Singersroom narrowed it down to the top 5 R&B artists that made Jay Z into a more credible superstar. These five artists allowed Jay Z to be authentic and more of a reformer.

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