Syleena Johnson’s Album ‘Couples Therapy’ Coming to BET As a Musical (Trailer)

In January, Syleena Johnson told us in an interview about an upcoming movie called “Couples Therapy” based on her latest album of the same name, and now it’s coming to a small screen near you!

On March 30th at 8pm EST, “Couples Therapy” (which is produced by Syleena) will air on BET. The film was directed by Tangie B. Moore and stars Syleena and other R&B artists Leela James, Dave Hollister and Willie Taylor.

About the movie, Syleena told us:

“The movie is awesome! It’s based on the album. I sent the album to Tangie Moore of Tier2 Films, which is a very close friend of mine, who is an amazing writer and movie producer; her and Rick Atari. Tangie wrote a story based on the album and brought it to life. At first, I was like, 'let's do an hour special', but then we said forget it; let's do a movie! So we did a movie! It's like ‘Purple Rain’ meets ‘Black Nativity’. It's not like it’s a ‘Trapped In The Closet’ or anything like that where we're interpreting the album. It’s a real movie, and what might happen is in the movie, you'll hear a song and then it will break into a video. It’s a really cool idea. I just got really tired of the whole concept of dropping a song then dropping a video. It's redundant and played out. I did something different to kind of enhance the whole concept of the album.”

Check out the extended trailer below. Looks good! Will you be watching?