Jennifer Hudson & Jennifer Nettles – You Will (The OWN Network Song)

Oprah Winfrey’s OWN Network has a new theme song thanks to the collaboration between two vocal powerhouses and a power pen; R&B singer Jennifer Hudson, country star Jennifer Nettles and acclaimed songwriter Diane Warren have linked up to record, "You Will."

Warren approached Oprah with the power ballad, which matches the inspirational theme of the network. "The sentiment of my song is that you should never give up on your dreams, own every breath, own every minute, go live a life that's got no limits," Warren said. "You can do anything. It's as simple as never think you won't, and you will."

Hudson told USA Today, "It is always incredible to work with the incomparable Diane Warren, who is consistently creating music that so many people can relate to.”

Nettles added, "Like the OWN network, this song encourages us all to boldly dream," she said. "I am thrilled to be able to give voice to this wonderful song with such a gifted duet partner as Jennifer, and to celebrate OWN through music."

Purchase "You Will" on iTunes above!

Photo: Oprah Winfrey Network