What In The? Sly Stone’s Lawyer Slugged by Woman Calling Herself Diana Ross

This past January, Sly Stone’s ex-manager Gerald Goldstein and former attorney Glenn Stone were found guilty of stealing royalties from the funk legend. Sly was awarded $5 million in stolen royalties. Now, according to TMZ, a strange twist of events has occurred.

Sly and his lawyer were slated to attended a hearing regarding the case on Friday, March 20, but the date had to be postponed when Sly’s lawyer was attacked outside the courthouse by a woman who claimed to be Diana Ross, accusing him of trying to get Sly put in jail. When he attempted to respond to her allegations, she punched him in the face.

Sly’s lawyer suffered a cut on his face, and the woman was arrested by police and charged withr misdemeanor battery.

Talk about cray cray…

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