Celebrating Women’s History Month: Top 15 Classic R&B Songs From Our Foremothers

Over the past 40 years, there have been several female R&B singers that topped the charts with some of their biggest hits and albums. They have dominated our attention, whether it’s the lyrics in their songs, live performances, or their activities outside of singing.

Our list is comprised of powerhouse female entertainers, who conveyed so much emotion, passion, and uniqueness in their body of work. These women are still leading by example today for other artists because their music has inspired younger female singers to leave their mark in R&B music. Even if the R&B veterans decide to retire from the stage, their music reminds us why they have been enduring artists to everyone over many generations to come.

For Women’s History Month, Singersroom decided to write a piece that honors the fore-mothers of R&B. We selected a signature song from each of our fore-mothers and we narrowed it down to the Top 15.

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