Bobbi Kristina Moved to Hospice Facility, Condition Not Improving

Bobbi Kristina has been moved from Atlanta’s Emory University Hospital to an undisclosed rehab/hospice facility, according to multiple reports. Unfortunately, it’s not because her condition is improving.

She still remains in a coma after a nearly-2 month hospital stay under the care of doctors. A source tells RadarOnline the move to the rehab/hospice facility is per doctor’s orders and standard hospital procedures. “The hospital can only hold you for so long and that you have to be moved to rehab or hospice at this point,” the source said. “She is not being rehabbed, she is being moved due to hospital policy.”

According to Entertainment Tonight, BK’s family remains hopeful; in an effort to see how she responds, they will have her breathing tube removed. Last month, doctors attempted to wean her off of the coma-inducing drugs, but she suffered multiple seizures.