Keyshia Cole Giving Up on Men For Awhile, Talks New Career Outlook

Keyshia Cole's outlook on life is shifting to personal growth and things that really matter after experiencing disappointment in both her personal and professional life.

The R&B veteran parted ways with her longtime record label, Interscope, following her latest album, Point of No Return, and she is also separated from husband, former NBA player Daniel Gibson, over claims of infidelity.

While many people would digress to depression, the newly independent Cole is using this moment to get in tune with herself.

"I’m excited about this journey, and who I’m becoming, and getting more involved in my craft," Cole told TGJ.

Cole previously tried to reconcile with her husband, but after airing his dirty laundry out on Instagram recently, it's clear that she's done with their relationship, and any other relationship to that matter.

"I decided to leave guys alone, I don’t wanna talk to the opposite sex for a minute…I just need a break," she adds. "I know that me and Gib [are] going through our separation thing, and then guys are still willing and wanting, but it’s just like, chill."

She adds, "I need to focus on my career, I need to focus on me, I need to focus on my kid, focus on my faith, and focus on my label."

Cole plans to release new music in the coming weeks, and she admits that she wants to get back to the early part of her career, where her music had a certain swagger. "I wanna be caught up in myself again, I wanna be focus, I wanna be that girl," she says.

Check out the full TGJ interview below:

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