Bobbi Kristina’s Cousin Jerod Brown Defends Nick Gordon, Tributes BK in Music Video ‘Pray4BK’ (Video)

Bobbi Kristina’s first cousin Jerod Brown has been vocal about his thoughts on the circumstances that led up to her near-drowning on Jan 31, organizing vigils, updating fans on her condition, and publically taking sides.

Just last week, he defended BK’s boyfriend Nick Gordon after her aunt Leolah Brown blasted Gordon for “manipulating” the media in his Dr. Phil interview amid a criminal investigation against him. (Keep in mind, Leolah and her sister Tina Brown, both sisters of R&B singer and BK’s father Bobby Brown, are planning a reality show).

Jerod came to Gordon’s defense, writing on Facebook: “He has given my family members as much information as he can, he has been exploited on national television with hidden cameras that he had no idea about, He has given Kristina CPR which is one of the reasons why she is not dead till this day, he has been ridiculed and accused without any concrete evidence yet he still hasn’t gotten the chance to visit his girl. If everyone truly believes that Nick is the blame for this situation wouldn’t you think he would already be locked up by now ?#‎Facts,” he posted. , “For the record: Nick Gordon was one of the few who encouraged Kristina to have a better relationship with her father ?#‎fact,” he continued.

He then clams he was closer to Nick and BK more than any other family members. “For the record: No one in my family can say they were in contact w/ Kristina & Nick more then i was ?#‎Fact. And as far as my uncle Bobby goes, I don’t need authorization to speak the truth. I still love you uncle B. #Fact For the record: Majority of my TRUE FAMILY have no blood relation to me. ?#‎fact,” he added.

And believe it or not, Jerod Brown is getting more vocal; he recorded a song called "Pray4BK," and even shot a video for the tune, which he calls an "inspirational piece." Under his rapper pseudonym “YF Kennedy,” Brown wears her image on a t-shirt, and even features her voice from phone conversations on the song.

However, the results are in and common consensus is displeased with Brown’s outward show of “support.” Comments on the video call Jerod an opportunist. If you recall, Bobby Brown’s legal adviser Christopher Brown of Brown & Rosen released a statement in February telling the public to disregard Jerod’s attention-seeking ways:

"Jerod Brown aka Jerod Carter aka YF Kennedy, continues to makes statements and appear on television, however, he has not had any communication with Bobby Brown or the Houston family. He must be disregarded. Please do not attend any 'meet and greet' organized by Jerod Brown as he is unable to provide access to Bobbi Kristina or information on her condition. This is a criminal investigation and we do not need this side show."

Check out the video below…Do you think this is a genuine tribute for his cousin, or an opportunity to publicize his rap career?