Chris Brown Gives ‘Ignorant Human Beings’ Some Advice: “Be Blessed or Be Quiet”

If it’s not one thing, it’s the other when it comes to Chris Brown.

The Grammy-winning singer, who is currently on the “Between the Sheets” tour with Trey Songz, added another drama-infused issue to his laundry list of problems this week, and this one involves an adorable 9-month only baby girl named Royalty with a reported fling from 2013.

“When you’re going through a difficulty and you’re wondering where God is…Remember the teacher is always quiet during the test,” Brown posted on an image via Instagram recently, before deleting.

Brown has yet to publicly confirm fathering the child with 31-year-old former model, Nia Amey (which he doesn’t have to), but haters have been trolling his social media spewing hate on the R&B crooner’s personal life.

In response to some of the hateful comments, Brown wrote the below personal message, before deleting it as well. In his letter, he voices his frustration over “ignorant human beings” making his personal a place for their negativity.

Some of you ignorant human beings on here have yet to grasp the concept of your own lives. This is for encouragement for anyone dealing with their own issues. Half of yall pages are private and the others look so damn depressing I understand why u feel like u have the right to say some of the most outrageous things possible. U don’t have to like me but one thing is for sure… You all are looking though.. That’s the diffeence between leadership and being a cancer to this planet. We have no real leaders or people to join together for great things anymore. At least not the youth… We will one day drown in a pool of our own negativity. Be blessed or be quiet.

Fame comes with its side effects!

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