Kelela – A Message

Alternative R&B indie artist Kelela drops off the artistic video for "A Message," a track from her upcoming EP Hallucinogen.

Produced by Arca, this song represents the "rejection and amputation" period of a relationship in which the entire EP represents the “tumultuous lifespan of a relationship.”

"A Message"…speaks to the despair that I was experiencing at the time,” she explains.“The initial version of the song spilled out of us in about 25 minutes. Since then, it's been like a sculpture that I've come to and refined over time, adding a lyric here, refining a melody there, adding a bridge, etc. It's a process that is now finally complete with its release and I'm so happy that I finally get to share it with all of you.”

Photographer Daniel Sannwald directed the stunning visual, which focuses solely on Kelela and her as it fluctuated between darkness, shadows, and bright colors, even animation towards the end.

Hallucinogen is due out on May 5.