Kid Rock Addresses The Beyhive On IG After Ruffling Their Feathers

After Kid Rock shaded Beyonce in an interview with Rolling Stone, as expected, the Beyhive went off on the kid! Post after post directed towards Kid Rock from angry Beyonce fans crowded blog posts and his socials.

Beyonce’s fans and stans defended their queen tooth and nail, but as outspoken and opinionated as Kid Rock is, of course he wasn’t going to just take all the Beyhive’s stings without defending himself!

And what do you do when a swarm attacks you? Bust out the trusty, dusty can of Raid, of course! The rocker responded to angry Beyonce fans by simply posting a picture of a can of Raid on his Instagram.

However, the can of bug spray says it "kills flies and mosquitos" and says nothing about bey-hives, so it's probably not enough to stop the buzzing attack on his social media accounts!